Computerized maintenance management system


Computerized refers to the fact that with a CMMS, your maintenance data is stored on a computer.

This is hardly a surprising concept today. However, before the 1980s, maintenance data were generally recorded with a pencil and paper. Because of this, maintenance was largely reactive rather than proactive. That is, maintenance was performed only when something went wrong. Preventive maintenance was less common because it was unrealistic to track which assets needed routine maintenance when all of your assets maintenance records were kept in a filing cabinet. When CMMS solutions came into fruition in the late 80s and early 90s, organizations began to migrate from pencil/paper to their computers. Suddenly, organizations could track work orders, quickly generate accurate reports, and instantly determine which of their assets required preventive maintenance. This leaded to extend asset lifespans, to improve organization, and ultimately to reduce costs and to increase profits.


Maintenance is what users of CMMS software do every day, whether it’s responding to an on-demand work order for a broken window or performing routine inspection on a generator.

Computer software cannot accomplish the work of a skilled technician. Hozever, what it can do is to ensure that tasks are prioritized correctly and that everything is in place (inventory, labor) to ensure success. CMMS solutions give technicians the freedom to focus less on paperwork and more on hands-on maintenance.


Managing maintenance is the most essential role of a CMMS solution. Maintenance management software is designed to give users immediate insight into the state of his or her maintenance needs with comprehensive work order schedules, accurate inventory forecasts, and instant access to hundreds of invaluable reports. CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by empowering managers with information so that they can make the most informed decisions possible.


A system can be thought of as the overall combination of features and capabilities within a CMMS. Different CMMS solutions offer different types of system. The best CMMS system is the one that allows users to accomplish his or her existing maintenance practices more effectively while introducing time-saving features that lead to a reduction of costs and a savings of time.

We use Carl Software as our main CMMS solution. Our partner help us to give you best solution tailored for your need. You can find more about them here ( Carl Software).


CMMS Mobile

At Ponic, with our partner CARL Software, we offer a revolutionary mobile application tailored to the needs expressed by field technicians called CARL TOUCH. CARL Touch is the fruit of over 30 years of experience in the field of maintenance management and meets both the needs of field service technicians and their managers’ supervision requirements. CARL touch’s ambition is to reconcile field technicians with the CMMS, while allowing better supervision of the maintenance activity for the managers. CARL Touch is a dramatically different solution because CARL Touch is:

  • Revolutionary: its simplicity of use exempts the technician of any prior training. Navigation is done with one finger and it is hardly necessary to use the keyboard.
  • Convenient: no more incomplete and unusable reports. Its multimedia capabilities combine native speech recognition, texts, photos, videos, and audio recording.
  • Available: the application is always available, even with no 3G or Wi-Fi networks. As soon as a network is located, all information will synchronize without any action of the technician.
  • Open: CARL Touch can be equally installed on an Android Smartphone or a digital tablet, and deployed on any new material without any technical intervention, simply by scanning the installation bar code.
  • Productive: in constant contact with the back office, the technician may seek assistance at any time (call for an expert, display of technical drawing documentation, etc). Alerts and messages help them to manage their work more effectively.
  • Effective: CARL Touch offers the guarantee to maintenance managers of keeping track of their field technicians in real time. It also allows quicker task scheduling and optimizing of the technician’s work through geolocation.